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Hi friends hope you all are learning Civil Engineering Basics and all stuff related to civil engineering from Civil Read. Well, this time I’m going to tell you what are the essential tips you have to follow for a Civil Engineering Interview. There are different types of interviews for various branches, but our civil engineering interviews are quite different when compared with other branches. I am writing this article with my experience in interviews. I Know that its very hard to search a perfect Job which suits you and cracking the Job drive nuts in your mind. Well, I am tried to find the solution how to crack a Civil engineering interview . Let’s Begin …

First and the foremost one is RESEARCH:

You have to research about the what kind of company or organization it is? And what are the services they are offering?

For Suppose, L&T & ACC Cement, L&T is a construction company so interviewer may ask you the questions regarding buildings, bridges and all related to the construction of buildings.
ACC manufactures cement so the interviewer may ask you the questions about cement like Initial Setting time, Fineness of cement Expect the type of questions which interviewer may ask you and prepare well for the interview.

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Secondly, Compare your skills to the Job requirements:
For suppose you are specialized in Quantity surveying. How can you work as a geotechnical engineer? Make sure and apply for the job only when the Job requirements suit your skills and your resume.

And then Most important is, your RESUME.

A good resume showcases your skills. Build a resume which shows your expertise and experience in Civil engineering.

How to correctly build your resume. ? for Civil Engineering Interview ?
What are the categories you have to include in your resume?
Here I am answering all the above questions:-


Fundamentals to be followed in building Your resume:-
Do you know receives 1.5crore resumes per day? Yes, is a leading Jobs website in the world.

The first filtration process in is your email Id. Yes based on Email ID. Understand this, Monster act as a bridge between interviewee and interviewer so, Jobseeker posts his requirements in Monster and Monster shows up the results as same to the Job seekers. They don’t want to spam Interviewer mails. As a part of filtration, they first filter the Interviewees with their e-mail id. Out of 1.5 crore applications (resumes), Monster considers 78Lakhs as Valid forms and remaining all are invalid.

1. Create a professional email id:-

Professional email id showcases your professionalism. Well, what is professional email iD?

Don’t use irrelevant characters and numbers in your Email ID. Use your full name instead of numbers in Email ID.  For example, My Name is Krishna its impossible to get [email protected], so I use my surname in my email id

Now I search for [email protected] or [email protected] in Gmail. Use (.) or (_) in Email id between names. I got email id in Gmail using (.). Suppose if the above emails are already taken in Gmail. Now i ‘ll go for another mailing service yahoomail, I suggest Yahoo why because it has different mailing options. Gmail only has but Yahoo has so there are more chances of getting mail name according to our search. If your name is very popular then I can suggest two more mailing services and

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2. Know your resume:

Don’t simply copy/paste or edit the Resume from Google search. Firstly, know yourself what you have written in your resume,

(i) Career Objective:
Career objective is a short and targeted statement that apparently traces your career direction. It’s a most important statement in your resume which describes your motive for a particular job. This statement helps in knowing interviewer whether the interviewee is in the same line or suitable person for the organization.

(ii) Your Academic Qualifications:
Don’t forget to include your percentile in Academic qualification. Add Place of your College, School and their name.

(iii) Technical qualification:
Technical skills is added advantages in your resume. In the current scenario, organizations are looking for the persons who have more technical skills. It increases the weighage in acquiring a job.

(iv) Your project details:-
Most important in your resume is your Main and Mini Project details. Enter the statements which summarize your main and mini project. The interviewer must ask you about Main and Mini project.

Expected questions:
1. Why you have chosen this project as your main or mini project
2. What you learned in the project
3. What’s your role in the project and where did you done this project?
4. What’s the result of Project? And how it is useful?
5. And some Techincal questions regarding your project.

(V) Roles and Responsibilities in your previous experience:-
This category is for who has experience include your roles and responsibilities in your previous organization. You can also Add your achievements in previous experiences.

(VI) Extra Curricular activities:
Enter your Achievements in your life. Add your achievements in Sports or any other extracurricular activities.

(VII) Personal Details:
Add your Full name, Fathers name, Date of Birth, Passport Details and any other related terms of your Personal data.

(VIII) Declaration:
Self-declaring that the provided information is genuine and best of your knowledge and end up the resume with your signature.

The above mentioned points are background work you have to do before attending an interview. Now, coming to how to attend an  interview?

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What to wear for an interview?
Conservative business attire, such as professional shoes, Leathered Wrist Watch & neutral-colored shirt is best. Be sure that your overall appearance is neat and clean.

Plan what to bring for a Civil engineering interview:-
The Pen and Notepad you must carry for attending an interview.


Pay attention to Non-Verbal communication:-

  1. Smile, establish an eye contact and use a firm handshake. Wish like “Glad to see you or meet you”
  2. Sit up straight yet comfortably. Be aware of nervous gestures like shaking hands and foot tapping
  3. Don’t stare, but maintain good eye contact, while addressing all aspects of an interviewer’s questions and Don’t place anything on their desk.
  4. Facial expressions procure clues to your feelings. Manage how you react, and show up a positive image.
  5. End Your conversation with “Good Day

Wait ! Wait! Did I miss anything? Yes! Most important question in Interview?

 Tell me something about yourself?… 

Checkout the video for an answer.


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