Bar Bending Schedule of Staircase {Step by Step procedure of Doglegged Staircase}

Bar Bending Schedule of Doglegged Staircase:-

To calculate the Bar Bending Schedule of Doglegged staircase, I request you to learn the Basics of Bar bending schedule and also the components of Staircase


Stairs provide access to the various floors of the building. The stair consists of series of steps with landings at appropriate intervals. The stretch between the two landings is called flight. The Space, where stairs are provided is called staircase.

To make it ease in understanding, I am calculating the quantities of a staircase by dividing into components.

Components of Staircase:- 

Waist slab:  Waist slab refers to a slab of the stair that is inclining from the floor slab to the landing slab.

Flight: The series of steps between floor and landing.

Landing : The level of floor between flight.

Step: The step consists of Riser and tread.

Tread: The tread is the flat part that you step on.

Riser: The riser is the vertical(up and down) part between each tread in the stairway.

Considering the below plan for finding out the steel quantities of bar bending schedule:- 

All values in the below plan are adopted.

BBS of Staircase


Plan of Bar Bending Schedule of Doglegged Staircase

doglegged staircase details

Finding out the Actual Length of Waist Slab:-

Waist Slab calculation

Steps to calculate the reinforcement required for Doglegged Staircase:-

1. Find the length of X Bar & Y bar 
2. Find the No. of X Bars & Y bars 
3. Evaluate the total length of X Bars & Y Bars 
4. Find out the total weight of steel required. 

From the above figure, staircase consists of two waist slabs 1 & 2. As reinforcement quantities varies among waist slab 1 & 2.Let us calculate the quantities individually. Remember, the above mentioned steps are same for both slabs.  

Before diving into the calculation part, ensure that you are perfect in deducting the concrete cover. If not? follow the below post first

How to Deduct concrete cover

Waist Slab-1:- (Adopt Dia 8mm @100mm)


Bar Bending schedule of Waist slab

Bar Bending schedule of Waist slab joined to plinth beam

Waist slab calculation

Waist slab calculation

Waist Slab-2:- (Adopt Dia 8mm @100mm)

Bar Bending schedule of Waist slab

BBS of waist slab calculation

BBS of waist slab calculation

Landing-1:- (Adopt Dia 8mm @100mm)

X bars of Landing-1 are tied with Slab reinforcement. hence, there is no further need of calculating the steel required for Landing-2. 

The X bars of Landing-1. are already added and calculated in Waist slab. Now, calculate the Y bars of landing-1. 

Concrete cover has been deducted from the length of Y bar from both sides.

Bar bending schedule of Landing

L-Type Bars for Stairs:- (Adopt Dia 6mm bars)

No. of Steps = 20

Bar Bending schedule of Stairs

Calculation of BBS of Stairs

Hand Rail:- (Adopt Dia 8mm @100mm)

Bar Bending schedule of hand rail

Calculation of steel quantities of Hand rail


Abstract of steel quantities required for doglegged staircase

Therefore, 172.90 Kgs of Steel required to construct the Doglegged Staircase.

Remember above mentioned values are purely adopted for understanding purpose.

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