Download Civil Engineering handbook of Material testing

This is an important book for Civil engineers to learn various methods on how to test the quality of building materials on site and on lab as well. This book Material Testing is a must have book for civil engineers. Some of the below mentioned tests are clearly explained on civil read you can refer them from below.

Material testing hand book

Contents of this Material testing hand book

  1. Tests on Cement

           1.1  Fineness of cement

           1.2 Consistency of cement

           1.3 Initial and final setting time

           1.4 Soundness of cement

  1. Tests on Aggregates

           2.1  Sieve analysis  

           2.2 Water absorption

           2.3 Aggregate abrasion value

           2.4 Aggregate impact value  

           2.5 Aggregate crushing value 

  1.  Tests on Fresh Concrete

           3.1 Workability

           3.2 Slump

           3.3 Compacting factor

           3.4 Vee-Bee

  1.   Tests on Hardened Concrete

            4.1 Non-destructive tests

            4.2 Rebound hammer

            4.3 Ultrasonic pulse velocity

            4.4 Compression test

            4.5 Tests on Soil

  1.   Water content

             5.1. Oven drying method

             5.2 Calcium carbide method

             5.3 Particle size distribution

             5.4 Liquid limit

             5.5 Plastic limit

             5.6 Free swell index

             5.7 Specific gravity

             5.8 Maximum dry density and optimum moisture content

             5.9 In-situ dry density

             5.10 Core cutter method

              5.11 Sand replacement method

  1.    Tests on Blanket Material
  2.    Tests on Bitumen

              7.1 Bitumen content

              7.2 Specific gravity

              7.3 Marshall stability

              7.4 Penetration

              7.5 Flash point and fire point

              7.6 Softening point

              7.7 Ductility


Download the Building material testing hand book:


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