Main and Mini projects List for Civil Engineers

 Main and Mini projects for Civil Engineers Academics:

Hi Civil Engineers! Thanks for being with the Civilread Community we appreciate your time in whatsapp group and in forum for solving the civil engineers issues in site and in academics as well. In the starting of this month i have received a huge messages to suggest a Mini and Main projects for their last year academics. As per my knowledge i have suggested some, but i want everyone to participate and share the same to the juniors. To do this i have created a form where the seniors entered their unique ideas and their academic projects. We have structured those projects and made a huge list. As of now we are sharing the project names, soon we gonna add some more content related to that specific topic. Hope these projects may definitely bring more ideas.  We thank each and everyone who spent their time and suggested the projects.

Are you a senior? haven’t suggested projects for your Juniors? Suggest some in the comments.

 Main and Mini projects for Civil Engineers

CivilReader NameProject Name
Srinivas, Mani KumarSteel structural buildings(or) detailed cost estimation and former work types.
Md Noor & BabuDesign of flexible pavement;
A study on steel superstructure rail cum road bridge.
Pranav, PillaiBase isolation system for multistoried building
Raja, RoyDesign of Transitional shelter with the help of vs8i and autocad. For natural Disaster affected area
Srinivas, Mani KumarSteel structural buildings(or) detailed cost estimation and former work types.
Pranay, KamdiEarthquake resistance structure
Harshit, JainEvaluation of traffic safety and security. Advanced rural transport management.
Vikram, SinghDesign of Bubble deck slab
Veera Pj1.urban water demand management and schemes
2.Rural water demand management and schemes
3. Rain water harvesting
SunilComparison of GFRG panels building with conventional building
Jitendrasinh Thakor visnagarEvaluation and improvements measures of flexible pavement road
Mer DevangFiber reinforced concrete
Nedhunuri SrikanthDesign and drawing of surplus wear of mi tank
Raja Sekar
Slab made by using Ferro cement.

Second list of Main and Mini projects for Civil engineers:

CivilReader NameProject details
SahanaApplication of civil engineering in defence

Construction Technology used in defence war fields
VasanthEco construction methods
Replacement of sand in concrete & plastering
Ankur KumarLow cost housing
Kalidhass Gokulexperimental study on geopolymer tiles
Prakhar SharmaApplication of the finite element method to skeletal structure
Dipesh JoshiDiagrid Structure
Mehboob JindaniDisplacement based Seismic Analysis and design
Rahul Chouhan1. No Fines Concrete or porous Concrete
2.Soil Quality Analysis in Industrial Zone
3.Assessment of Irrigation Water Quality Index
Ground Water Quality monitoring in industrial zone
Sagar Kumar
Head Quality Engineer, Haryana
1. Design mix M40 using rice husk.
2. Intermission of bridges
project on light transmitting concrete
Saif QureshiSeismic analysis of a 4 storey building by Pushover analysis using etabs software
Amol MoreStudy of seismic responses of multi storied RCC Structure with mass irregularity
Muhammad MajeedContaminant Transport through soil media moddeling
Avi AvinashDesign and estimation of rigid pavement with fine aggregate by partial replacement of red soil
Harika Sakshi1. Analysis and design of steel Chimneys
2. Netzero buildings
Aman SahuDesign of Suspension bridge
Prakhar YadavMini-California bearing Ratio test for stabilised soil using plastic as binding material
Vishal Tambe
Comparative study of rcc and steel composite structure using etabs or any other designing and analysis software
Pranesh G
Self curing concrete
Sham KakadePartial replacement of fine agreggate by recycled plastic waste
Siva Kumar
1. A laboratory investigation of using waste rubber in bitumen concrete

2.Partily replacement of bitumen with plastic

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CivilReader NameProject Details
Dasari, Meena1.Design of a single story residential building
2.Design of slope for stability of different soils
3.Design of road intersections
4.Rain water harvesting system
5.Tunnel design
6.Water tank design
7.Rural sanitations of villages
8.Construction of a low cost house
9.Low cost roofing tiles
10.Bio-gas plant
11.Low cost grain storage structures
12.Survey of construction materials in our surrounding places
13.Investigation of ground water resourses in our surroundings
14.Design of new invention structures like under water constructions, metro structures, glass structures, plastic roads, etc..
15.Earth quake resistant structures
Ram, Chandra1.Improvement of landfill waste soil to construction purposes.
2.use of dampers in high rise buildings
GaneshLand use & Land cover Analysis
Amit, KumarReplacement of cement with fly ash, coconut husk ash
Dasari, MeenaUse of plastic waste in construction of roads,
Bhaskar, KAnalysis and design of buildings
Ramesh, NaikPolymer concerte
K. OmkarUtilisation of waste plastic in fabrication of plastic-soil brick.
Sharath, JavareApplication of crushed bricks in black cotton soil as road application
Balabhadra, SenaQA /QC in RCC structure in Rly project
Anji, SingamsettyExperimental study of light weight concrete using sawdust
Ramkumar, BAnalysis and Design of Hyperbolic cooling tower (Advaced Structure)
Abubakar, SadiqConstruction of Overhead bridge
Mayur, DarkundeUse of chopped Basalt Fibre in concrete
Karthik, KarthiEarthquake resistant project
Ramkumar, BMarine civil structures
Manazir, AhsanAnalysis of groundwater quality of a specific city.
Harun Basha, NoorullahStabilization of soil by encased and non encased stone column
Dhiraj, ShawMarshall method of mixed design
Farooqui, yunusBio medical waste management
Abhishek, Anand1. Waste Plastic Fiber Reinforced Soil
2.Self Healing Bacterial Concrete
Krushna, maneStabilization of black cotton soil by addtion of fly ash

We hope that the above mentioned list give more ideas on the Main and Mini projects for your academics. Soon we add more projects on the same page. If needed bookmark this page or subscribe as mentioned  below.

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