Shuttering required for the construction of staircase

In this article, We are going to explain “Estimation of shuttering required for the construction of the Staircase”. In simple words, the calculation of the shuttering area of the staircase.

We have already covered What is shuttering? and calculation of the shuttering area of different components of the structure. If you are not aware of it you can check out here “Shuttering area and How to find it?”

Shuttering area is individually calculated for different components of the staircase. So before knowing the calculation of the shuttering area, you must understand the Staircase components.

Components of the Staircase:- 

Waist slab:  Waist slab refers to a slab of the stair that is inclining from the floor slab to the landing slab.

Flight: The series of steps between the floor and landing.

Landing: The level of floor between flight.

Step: The step consists of Riser and tread.

Tread: The tread is the flat part that you step on.

Riser: The riser is the vertical(up and down) part between each tread in the stairway.

doglegged staircase

Estimation of the shuttering area required for construction of the staircase:

Now coming to the calculation part, as mentioned before the shuttering area is calculated individually for different components of the staircase. Let’s get started.

Important basics for the calculation: 

Shuttering area is a perimeter and area calculation. Different shapes have different formulas for the perimeter.


Area of rectangle = Length x breadth

Perimeter of rectangle = 2 (Length x breadth)

Area of square = Length x Length

The perimeter of square = 4 x Side Length

Area of Triangle = 1/2 x Base x Height

The perimeter of triangle =  a + b + c    [ a,b,c are side length of traingle]

For clear understanding, we are considering the below example of the doglegged staircase. Have a look at it. All the below mentioned values are considered from this image.

Concrete volume calculation for Staircase

Steps in the calculation of the shuttering area required for the staircase:

Each component of the staircase is individually calculated.

  1. Waist slab shuttering area
  2. Steps shuttering area
  3. Landing shuttering area
  4. Handrail shuttering area

For ease in understanding, we are considering the below staircase for the shuttering area calculation.

1. Waist slab shuttering area calculation:

The waist slab is an inclined slab. The length of the waist slab is found out by using the Pythagorean formula.

Finding waist slab length using pythagorean formula

(Hypotenuse)2 = (Opposite)2 + (Adjacent)2

Hypotenuse = √[(Opposite)2 + (Adjacent)2]

Hypotenuse = √[(1.5)2 + (3.0)2]

From the above fig, The length of the waist slab (x) = 3.35m

Shuttering is laid on five sides for Waist slab where the top side is left to air for filling concrete. You can check the below image for more details I have highlighted the shuttering area with the blue arrow for the clear understanding

Waist slab shuttering

The shuttering quantity required for the waist slab is :

= Side (i)+Side (ii)+Side(iii)+side(iv)+side(v)

= LxB+BxD+BxD+ LxD+LxD

= 3.35×1.20+1.20×0.15+1.20×0.15+3.35×0.15+3.35×0.15= 5.385m2

No. of Waist Slabs = 2

Total Shuttering quantity required for Waist slab in Staircase = 5.385×2 = 10.77m2

2. Steps shuttering area calculation

From fig: width of tread = 0.30m, height of riser = 0.15m , Length of tread = 1.20m, No. of steps = 20

Step Shuttering area

Steps are in the shape of a triangle, therefore

Shuttering area for each step = Side(i)+Side(ii)+Side(iii)

=  1/2xBxD+LxD+1/2xBxD


Shuttering area of each step = 0.225

No. of steps = 20

Total volume of concrete required for steps = 20 x 0.225 =4.5m2

3. Landing shuttering area calculation:

Landing is in the shape of the rectangle

Shuttering for Landing

Shuttering required for landing:

= Front Area + Back Area + Right Side area +Bottom Area



Shuttering required for Landing =3.3735m2

4. Handrail shuttering area calculation:

The handrail is in the shape of a rectangle, therefore

shuttering required for handrail

Shuttering required for Hand Rail :

= Front area + Left area + Right area +Back Area

= BxD+LxB+LxB+BxD

= 0.8×0.10+3.35×0.8+3.35×0.8+0.8×0.10

Shuttering required for Hand Rail=5.52m2

No. of Hand Rails = 4

Total shuttering required for Hand Rails = 4 x 5.52 = 22.08m2

Total Shuttering Required for Staircase = Waist Slab Shuttering + Steps shuttering+ Landing shuttering+HandRail shuttering

The total shuttering required for staircase = 10.77+4.5+3.735+22.08 = 41.085m2

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