Measurement Units – Unit Conversion | Every Engineer Must Learn and Remember

Before getting into this article. First of all learn about dimensions.

1. One Dimension: –

The Dimension which has only one power of unit is called One Dimension. In Simple words, suppose you are travelling from your residence to office. Distance is calculated in metres, Kilometres, miles, etc. Its an One dimensional unit which has a power of ‘1’ as m^1

2. Two Dimension:-

The dimension which has two power of unit is called Two dimension. Suppose, you are planning to buy a some piece of land in your city. In order to calculate the land in a city we use a unit i.e., called Area.  Area is measured in terms of Sq.Yd, Sq.M, etc.,. The Two Dimensional unit  is a unit which has a power of ‘2’ Ex: m^2

3. Three Dimensions:-

The dimension which a 3 power of unit is called three dimension like m^3. For example, consider Tropicana Juice tetra pack, It has a length, breadth and height to calculate the amount of juice required to fill the tetra pack is obtained by 1 x b x h = m x m x m = m^3.

Measurement units

Must Learn Units for Every Engineer: –

Types of Units:

  1. Engineering Units (M.K.S units):- Metres, CentiMetres, milli metres
  2. Architectural units (F.P.S Units):- Feets, Inchs, yards

Every Engineer must have an idea how to convert Engineering units to Architectural units and Vice versa.

Measurement Units

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