Different Types of floors in Construction Mezzanine, Podium, Stilt, Helipad

Definition of Floor:-

The floor is a continuous supporting surface extending horizontally throughout a building. In other words, the surface of a room on which one stands. Generally, the building is vertically divided into floors for every 3m and it may also differ to several metres for high rise buildings. Here I am discussing the different types of floors terms which we generally use in Civil Engineering.

Types of floors

Different Types of Floors:-

Basement floor:-

The floor which is constructed below ground level for storerooms or mechanical room or parking is called as Basement floor.

Types of floors :Basement floor

Podium floor or Cellar:-

The floor which is constructed either below ground level or above ground level, especially for car parking is called as podium floor.

Stilt floor:-

Stilt floor is basically the lowermost floor of a structure which is constructed above ground level. The height of the stilt floor shouldn’t be more than 2.5m. This kind of floors adopted in the parking of Shopping malls & Theaters.

Types of Floors:Stilt Floor

Ground floor:-

The floor which is constructed on ground level is called ground floor.

Mezzanine Floor:-

The word mezzanine floor means a small floor that is in between two major floors (The floor which is constructed between Ground and the First floor is called as Mezzanine floor). Mezzanine floor is constructed for services of building, shops & offices, to provide facilities for the occupants who are living in High-rise buildings. For proper ventilation, the ceiling height of floor is increased 1metre more than the normal ceiling height.

You can see this kind of floors in theatres (front rows of the balcony). In some theatres, the section behind the main orchestra section is raked upward at a steeper angle, and those seats are called Mezzanine floor.

Types of Floors : Mezzanine Floor

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Typical floor:-

The typical floor is nothing but repeated floor.

The plan which is designed for Ground floor and wants to have the same plan for other floors, then these floors are called as Typical floor-I or II etc, In other words,

First floor:-

The floor which is constructed above ground floor or above the mezzanine floor is called as the first floor.


The floor which is constructed above Roof floor and which is used for Landing of Helicopter or taking off of Helicopter is called Helipad. This kind of floor is generally in circular shape.

types of floors: Helipad

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